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From the book I learnt about exactly how hard it is to be an evacuee and about the worries that children had for their parents and worries that parents had for their children. If you like books about the war and adventure stories then this is the book for you. I really liked this book because it had a sort of mystery and I really liked the start where Cecily Jeremy are playing hide and seek.

It seems like some one is chasing them and trying to take them away but no one is. It was just their dad trying to find them in a game of hide and seek.

Children of the King

But my favourite chapter was a secret in the castle. I found it to be the most exciting and also mysterious with a bit of creepiness in it and that's why I liked The Children Of The King. I would recommend this book if you like mystery and a bit of fun. I personally liked this book because it is really exciting. I really didn't like the book because on the first couple of chapters were a bit off and on. In the the first chapter it was kind of scary because someone broke into the house and Cecily was sleeping and then she woke up and the person was coming towards her brothers room.

The children of the king is about a two children who discover mystery and excitement while a war world war 2 is going on.

Children of the King

I would definitely recommend this book because it is brilliant and you could really relate to it although, if you want a book that has drama and thrillers, i would not recommend this one as it is a calm and relaxing. I will be totally honest with the viewers. This book does not have interesting events at the beginning and can be boring when reading it but overall it i The characters that Sonya Hartnett has created are entirely believable.

The construct of setting a story during wartime allows the author to explore how characters cope with dreadful and challenging events. This book is about World War II the two Lockwood children, twelve year old Cecily and her older brother Jeremy, are dispatched, together with their socialite mother, to stay with family in the north to keep them s Jeanette, Mount Carmel catholic college for girls, 12 November I think that the children of the kind is the perfect read for people interested in world war 1 or books, like the Narnia series by c.

This book is definitely a page turner leaving you to conjure up the images of the adventures of the three children Cecily, Jeremy and their new evacuee sister May.

The reason why i chose this book is because it reminded me of 'the railway children' and 'the lion the witch and the wardrobe' because it has a bunch of children going away because of war as evacuee. From the title i inferred that the children would have been given to a king and been made his children because they were sent to his house as young evacuees.

The reason I chose this book is because I thought the plot was nice and interesting. I found this book interesting because there is a plot twist that I was not expecting. This book is about a girl who is living in the time of war and her family and have to evacuate but her dad has to stay. I think this book is intriguing because its about a family who are being part of the war in London and they have to try their best to be safe even though its hard. So far the theme of the book is calm and its set in a house in London where there is a war. I think this is a good book because it has a lot of descriptive writing to keep you reading, it also passes a message saying that even though was isn't happening here at this moment that doesn't mean its not happening.

I would recommend t The children of the king is a adventurous and fascinating book and will suit people who like adventure stories. There are three main characters; Cecily, Jeremy and May. The three of them have normal lives but suddenly, they have to evacuate to the countryside. If you like adventure books and like to know about how people evacuate and how they feel, then I recommend this book. Enjoy reading! I thought this book was really interesting because it educates you on the olden days and what it was like to live during a war for children. It's also has a really good story line and it is packed full of adventure.

I'd recommend this book to children and adults who like adventure books and also people who like books about the history of London. The story starts with a creepy and scary start. Where a man with a gas mask looks for two children in a house, the lights are off and The main thing this is about is war and evacuation, to keep the children safe but kind of with a little twist. It gets kind of boring, basically. Or ju I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading different genres. This book is about a family called the Lockwood's.

Parts of the book are intriguing and some parts were really sad. I have enjoyed reading this book. This story is about two students who have had to run away from their home as there is war happening in their area of life. This book was really boring to me because nothing that interesting happens. My sister got this book from school and asked me if I would like to read it and when I started reading it, it was great I couldnt stop reading it.

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I chose this book because enjoy serious books with a whif of fantasy I like the idea of slight comedy but the main focus of a serious book. A wonderful atmospheric story set in World War Two. Cecily, Jeremy, and May are coping in their own way with being evacuated to the countryside. When they discover two boys in a creepy ruined castle, they assume they too are evacuees. It is only when their Uncle tells them an increasingly tantalising story about the ruins that the truth is finally revealed. I loved how a true story within the main story unfolds as tensions between the characters develop and the climax of both stories will get you diving into the history books to find out more about these enigmatic children of the King.

I was totally gripped and having read the book I immediately read it again! Hero on a Bicycle. The first novel from much-loved author and illustrator Shirley Hughes is a thrilling and moving story about a boy and his bicycle, set against a dramatic background of war-torn Italy. Read more about Hero on a Bicycle.

Valentine Joe. Based on a true story, Valentine Joe offers an intriguing insight into the war, but at the same time provides a window into Rose's relationship with her family.

Read more about Valentine Joe. Search the site Search term is required. The Children of the King 39 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5. Author: Sonya Hartnett Publisher: Scholastic. Sonya Hartnett Sonya Hartnett is an Australian author who writes fiction for children, young adults and adults and has won numerous prizes and awards, having been described as 'the finest Australian writer of her generation'. Read this book? Leave a review….

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What you thought Twelve-year-old Cecily, on the other hand, has no interest in the war effort. She will miss her father terribly, but is excited to stay in the house where she passed so many happy summers. She is especially excited when, upon disembarking the train with her mother and brother, she sees other London evacuee children in the station waiting for charitable villagers to take them in for the duration of the war. After some persuasion, Mrs.

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Lockwood sends Cecily to choose one child to take with them to Heron Hall. Cecily chooses May Enid Bright, a solemn year-old girl with an independent spirit and wisdom won from terrible grief. But when Cecily follows May out and across the stream one morning, they discover the marble ruins of a once-grand castle and within that castle, two pale, secretive boys with long hair and funny clothing. And so, after supper, Uncle Peregrine begins telling the story of a King, a Duke and the seductive, corrupting influence of power.

The book perfectly captures the multitude of frustrations that arise when a person especially a young person loses control over his or her own life. Jeremy, Cecily, and May are each unique and interesting in his or her own way.

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