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Use a multiple assignment feature when a task is shared by more than one person. Process Street is a powerful tool to manage recurring tasks of your teams. Create process templates and run multiple instances of the template as checklists. Track progress and collaborate with your team. User activity can be tracked from your dashboard and you are notified when the task is done.

Its simple interface allows you to create structured documents. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts make it a user-friendly tool. Process Street offers a Zapier integration that integrates with over applications to automate tasks. Automatic scheduling, workflow assignment, employee on-boarding are just some of the tasks companies are using Process Street for.

Asana empowers team mates to work in proper flow and collaboration. Track the progress without scheduling a status meeting or sending reminder emails. A smarter inbox gets only the needed team updates and no flurry of unwanted messages. Have conversations about your work and turn them into actionable tasks to get expected results.

It all can be managed in one place. Asana makes work fun for team members and they are empowered to accomplish the most ambitious goals of the project. Teamwork is a great tool to streamline your processes; connect with your customers and collaborate with your team simultaneously. Use Teamwork Projects to collaborate with your team and clients.

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Your team knows what, when and who needs to do it. Your clients and team know exactly where to look for and store their files. Information is easily accessible through the cloud. Teamwork Desk makes it easy for your team to handle any customer support queries that come their way. Teamwork Chat ensures better communication by allowing users to be in constant contact through real-time messaging.

LiquidPlanner is predictive project management software for modern business. It takes care of project organization and scheduling so that the teams stay focused and drive business forward. Using one of its kind predictive planning technology, the scheduling engine estimates how long each task will take, arrange them in priority order. And LiquidPlanner will predict when the project will be completed.

Your stakeholders get accurate project reporting. Azendoo makes team work easier and frees from glitches of email collaboration. Create sub groups to share and organize your team work. Share information and documents with specific group members. It integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box to make file sharing easy. Azendoo offers a calendar view of tasks and projects. Track, schedule and even send direct messages to your collaborators. Worksection offers a lot of features. Manage your business through a single interface. Get an overview of activities and task overdue, tasks due soon, event journals and project lists.

Get project overviews in an active and informative format including project timelines, progress and expenses. Manage all tasks, subtasks and comments using a convenient tool. Add custom filter to view customized detail on screen. Worksection further allows you to reassign tasks, change priorities and deadlines. View images, create and share documents on the go. It lists key dates for active projects, birthdays and synchronizes with Google Calendar. Proofhub is project management software to plan, collaborate, and organize projects of all sizes. It offers a centralized workspace for task lists, workflows, discussions, gantt charts, documents and calendars.

You can approve files and documents. Proofhub runs in the cloud and connects with popular apps like file storage, accounting, invoicing software etc. Store all your articles, meetings notes at one place and add collaborators to get their inputs on these notes. PivotTracker is a project management tool for software development teams. It provides a single view of your team so that you can manage better and keep a track of your team from start to end.

20 Most Effective Tools to Manage Outsourcing Partners

It is built to customize business priorities for you and your team. Even if priorities change, the information visibility stays open and transparent. Jira is a software development tool built specifically for agile teams. It allows you to plan, track and release and report software. It brings your team together so that everyone can move towards a common goal.

You can create stories and tasks from any screen in the software.

Organize them into backlogs and prioritize them. It integrates with development software you already use and incorporates changes, builds and deploys. Yammer is a collaboration tool owned by Microsoft. It enables you to connect with people and teams across the organization to make better decisions. Yammer Groups help to stay in the loop with the on-going work across your team.

The whole team can be engaged to solve problems and identify the best ideas. All information is within your reach right when you need it. Conversations in Yammer enable you to share information on a topic, engage team through active discussions and decide on the way forward. You can start both private and public groups. GitHub is a great place for software collaboration. You are free to keep your work private or share it with the world. It simplifies the process of development and building software. GitHub encourages teamwork to adopt a workflow that involves communication and feedback.

Even worse, you may end up with situations where workers are unfairly delegating their work to others — which creates resentment. To avoid confusion, each new employee should be referred to this document as part of their onboarding process. You may wish to create a handbook for each team in the organization, detailing objectives, roles, and projects. For common tasks which involve multiple team members, workflow images help greatly in clarifying how and when each individual should contribute.

For example, this workflow image from the internal handbook of an infographic design agency describes the process involved in creating an infographic. It clearly indicates when the content writer, editor, and designer should contribute to the project. All employees should be clear on the long-term goals of the organization.

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This should be covered during the onboarding process for new employees and regular updates should be made via company meetings. With goals for the organization clearly stated, you can now set goals for individual teams. Your content team might have the goal of doubling website traffic and producing two blog posts per week which equates to blog posts per year. When you have clear goals to work towards , communications become streamlined and teamwork becomes purposeful.

One of the best ways to build camaraderie in the workplace is to give formal recognition for employee achievements. One of the best things to praise your employees for is excellent teamwork. If an individual goes above and beyond their role to help the organization as a whole, ensure that they feel appreciated for their efforts. Showing gratitude for altruistic behavior is an excellent way to create an awesome, friendly culture.

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When you have a workplace where people are rewarded for helping one another, teamwork will naturally improve. In order for teamwork to flourish, respect is required.

Even if an employee is fully committed to the organization, they will never perform to the best of their abilities if they have someone breathing down their neck.